Delivering Quality Maternal Health Care Services to Underserved Communities

Maternal Health care services

Doula care is among the most reassuring approaches to addressing racial disparities in maternal health care services and improving birth outcomes.


We provide complete maternal health care services from prenatal to delivery, to postnatal support.

Prenatal - Maternal health care services

Prenatal Support

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About Us

Maternal Health care services

At Maternal Birth, our mission is clear: we are committed to supporting birthing families in underserved communities to lower maternal and infant mortality and morbidity rates.


A trained professional who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to their client before, during and after childbirth.

Yes, Our doula support clients at home, birthing centers and hospitals 

Our doulas support our clients during the perinatal period, including emotional support, advocacy, transportation assistance, paperwork, guidance on nutrition and breastfeeding, and referrals to community resources. Also our doulas played a vital role in helping our clients navigate the healthcare system, ensuring their birth plans were respected, and offering emotional and physical support during labor and delivery.

Pricing is based on each client’s need, it can range from $600-$3,500. Book a Free consultation to discuss service and pricing.

 Yes, you can make payments in three installments, All payments are due 6 weeks before the estimated due date.

We will accept 1199 Insurance, and Medicaid Health Insurance in NY, NJ, and LA Starting November 2024 for Birth Doula services only. Lactation service is covered by private some insurance through reimbursement (Confirm your coverage with your insurance company) 

Yes, we offer a 20 min free consultation for all maternal health care services. During this appointment, we discuss our service and see how we can assist you and your family

We will match you within two weeks of receiving your request. Timeframes may be longer due to high service demand or Holidays.

Review and sign our contract, and pay a $300 non-refundable deposit to get started with our maternal health care services.

No, all payments must be made electronically. 

Yes, we have doulas who special in supporting teen clients 

We partner with mental health therapists to support our clients experiencing prenatal/postpartum depression 

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All Maternal Birth doulas are certified and have a variety of skill-sets and experience. Click here to book a doula and get all the support you need

What Our Clients Say

Iyesha Carter

I had an amazing experience with Ms. Jamelia, she provided stunning support for me as a new teen mom. She also made sure I was aware of all the possibilities with giving birth and being a mother. If not for her mental, physical and emotional support leading up to and after labor and delivery I don't think I would've gotten through it. In other words I'm very thankful for her and I recommend her 100 percent.

Jahlia Barbet Jackson

The Services At Maternal Birth such as The Breastfeeding Services as well as The Birth Doula Services are so amazing I just delivered my beautiful baby boy April 15th 2024 using both services and I definitely highly recommend 10/10 will be using them again in the near future . The Breastfeeding Services At Maternal Birth were hands on and patient with me through the latching process while breastfeeding since then I’ve now become a pro a breastfeeding All thanks to Maternal Birth Thank You Again!

Jamia Clement

I had an amazing! experience with Jamelia, she was very patient, informative, understanding and very friendly. Making my experience for my first Birth wayy easier than I expected it to be ! She knew exactly what she was doing and has been by my side from the time I met her and never left! If I go a second time I'm making sure she's my Doula again😂❤️ highly recommended!

Nieni Brown

When I say Jamelia is the BEST!!! I mean it. She is professional & loving. She made me & my spouse feel so very comfortable. She did not allow anyone to do anything that I did not want to happen. She answered every question that I had and helped me stay concentrated on having a healthy baby. She was there from the beginning to the end, and I appreciate her for that. I will recommend her to anyone and everyone. I love this woman, I believe I made a friend for life.