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Get Certified in Black Doula Training

In this eight-week program, we will help you work through the Doula Certification process step-by-step. we will work on a portion of the application weekly, where you will gain skills like learning how to do research, write your birth experience, and speed reading. we review your application and help you with the final submission.

Benefits of Getting Certified in Black Doula Training

Professional Credibility

Getting certified demonstrate your commitment to the Doula Field and assure clients of your competence and expertise

Networking Opportunities

Doula certification offer the opportunity to connect with other doulas and resources.

Client Trust

Getting certified are often preferred by clients who seek assurance of quality care during childbirth and postpartum period

Increase Opportunities

Working in Local Hospitals Partnering With Medicaid Joining A Doula Collections

Next Cohort Begin June 20th - August 7th

How To Get Registered

1. Fill Out The Application
2. Wait For An Approval
3. Make $300.00 Deposit (non refundable)
4. Pay Total By The First Day of Class


Yes, Our students have to complete a DONA Birth Doula Training (16 Hours)

Pay your $300.00 (non-refundable) deposit to secure your seat. The remaining payment is due before the first day of class

Accelerated  4-Week Cohort Meets Twice A Week and Traditional 8-Week Cohort Meets Once A Week

All classes are recorded and the recording is up for two weeks after the class. If you need more support you can make an appointment to meet with the trainer

A recording of the training will be emailed to you by the Sunday after the missed class. If you need more support you can make an appointment to meet with the trainer

Yes, but you can’t submit your certification packet until 3 births totaling a minimum of 15 hours are completed. 

No, each student is responsible for complete and submitting their certification packet, we support you to complete the process the correct way, so you get certified sooner.